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Bay Area: (925) 447-2700
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Bay Area: (925) 447-2700
Central Valley: (209) 243-9176

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Why Nucor ™ Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings?

With advantages over conventional construction materials in environmental sustainability, construction project costs, and project duration, it’s easy to see why the market for Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings is rapidly growing across Northern California.

Did you know that costs for these buildings are typically 15-25% lower than traditionally built constructions? Due to labor efficiencies in producing the components and easy, on-site assembly, these buildings are less labor-intensive and able rapidly put in place.

If you want to learn more about these types of buildings, contact us and we’ll explain how these buildings could be a fit for you.

Nucor ™ Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

  • Metal Building Design-We will custom design your facility and incorporate the latest engineering techniques to meet your unique requirements per your plan.
  • Metal Building Plan Check & Engineering -We will work with you to ensure the design per your scope and approval by government agencies.
  • Metal Building On-site Assembly  -We will personally oversee the safe and incident-free erection of the building on your site.

Types of Finishes

  • Stucco Look
  • Smooth Panel Look
  • Traditional Panel Look