General Contractor in Livermore

Good general contractors are as versatile as they are rare. There are a lot of general contractors in the Livermore area who advertise themselves as being multi-faceted, familiar with all areas of construction, and excellent project managers. If that were really true, Bremco Of Northern California Inc wouldn’t be called in to correct other project manager’s mistakes as often as we are. Lucky for the people of Livermore, we’re always available in a pinch. If we weren’t, there would be a lot of lopsided homes with a lot of unhappy homeowners living inside them.

With our 30 years of experience in construction and design, Bremco Of Northern California Inc are the general contractors who have handled every kind of project. Our work experience ensures that we’re able to catch any minor problems before they become major catastrophes and that we’re always thinking one step ahead.

Do you want to hear more about our services? Do you have a project that’s become too big for you to handle? Call Bremco Of Northern California Inc and ask for a free no-obligation consultation. We’ll gladly oversee your project for you. And don’t worry, it will always be your project. Despite the fact that we’re exceptional at what we do, our job is always to serve you.

Everything You Want to Know About General Contractors (But Were Too Shy to Ask)

When it comes to dealing with local general contractors in Livermore, most are quite nice and very knowledgeable. The job of a general contractor is to serve you, after all. But as a home or business owner, you want to appear professional and well-informed, and so many people deal with general contractors without really knowing what it is they do and why. When this happens, you run the risk of requesting the wrong services, overshooting your budget, or letting an unruly general contractor take control of your dream project.

It’s natural to be sheepish about subjects you don’t know much about. But after the fact, we at Bremco Of Northern California Inc have talked to customers who admitted there were many things about general contracting that they wanted to know but were afraid to ask. We don’t want our clients to be left in the dark. We want our clients to be as invested in their project as we are! General contractors and business owners or homeowners should always work side by side. If a general contractor isn’t willing to keep you in the loop, they might not be the right general contractor for you.

So we’ve put together this little guide of commonly asked questions about general contractors and what they do. Take a gander—your most pressing question might be on this list!

What Are a General Contractor’s Responsibilities?

Although many home and business owners in Livermore have dealt with a general contractor, it seems like some mystery remains about what exactly it is a general contractor does.Is a general contractor responsible for equipment? Do general contractors hire subcontractors? Are general contractors in charge of payment and cash flow? The questions are endless.

The reason for this? Well, a general contractor can do just about anything. But typically a general contractor’s responsibilities are to hire and coordinate the necessary talent to get any larger construction job done. A given general contractor may have started in flooring and might do your floors herself, but wants to bring in a plumbing contractor to install your piping.

Basically, a general contractor is a Jack or Jill of all trades who has the training and experience to oversee a wide variety of projects in the service of a common goal. Think of your general contractor as an event planner for the most large-scale and complicated party of all time. Can any general contractor handle your construction project? Probably not. But Bremco Of Northern California Inc can!

What is a Subcontractor

With every general contractor comes a subcontractor. Subcontractors are hired for residential and commercial construction jobs all the time. Subcontractors are the people hired by the general contractor to perform special tasks during the build. A subcontractor might install the floor in your home, or they might tile your upstairs bathroom. It all depends on what their specialty is and what jobs need to be done. General contractors are the ones responsible for hiring and paying the subcontractors, so don’t worry about the sudden appearance of a subcontractor on a worksite giving you more paperwork.

A quality general contractor can find a subcontractor for just about any task! Common duties of a subcontractor include:

  • Electrical work
  • Carpentry
  • Insulation
  • Drywalling
  • Tiling
  • HVAC
  • Appliance installation
  • Plumbing
  • Painting

Studies show it takes over 20 subcontractors to build the average home. That might seem overwhelming and risky, but it isn’t. Remember that subcontractors are hired based on their past work experience and their reputation. A good general contractor won’t hire just anyone. Everyone who walks onto a Bremco Of Northern California Inc job site is more than qualified. If a general contractor is reliable then their team will be reliable as well.

What Will a General Contractor Do for My Construction Project?

Curious what hiring a general contractor will do for your project? Again, this will depend on the contractor. A general contractor can manage a team you assemble yourself, but often the value in hiring a general contractor is in the network of subcontractors they have a working relationship with and bring to the table.

It removes a lot of the guesswork for you as the home or business owner. If the general contractor is reputable, you can bet their contacts are too. So with them at the helm, your job goes smoother than you can imagine. Call the general contractors at Bremco Of Northern California Inc today!

Can General Contractors Save Me Money?

Many homeowners think that they will save money if they buy their own building materials. However, this is not the case.

Bremco Of Northern California Inc has strong relationships with many suppliers in the Livermore area. Our business relationships with these suppliers allow us to purchase materials at incredibly low cost-saving rates. And when we purchase materials we always know how much or how little to buy. Whereas when a homeowner buys materials themselves they might not know how much to buy. When there is a shortage of materials it can halt construction for hours or even days. Lastly, general contractors are very knowledgeable about the quality of different materials, ensuring that they only purchase the most suitable material for your job.

Why Bother Hiring a General Contractor?

You might be wondering why you should hire a general contractor if subcontractors do all the work. Why not lead the project yourself and hire all the subcontractors you can find? A lot of do-it-yourself people think they can be the leader of a construction project. They start thinking that anyone can be a general contractor. But regular, unskilled people try to manage big projects all the time and the results are disastrous. That’s because the general contracting professionals of Livermore have the ultimate advantage: They have done this before.

When you enlist Bremco Of Northern California Inc for your next project, you aren’t just paying us to sit around and outsource labor. General contractors have extensive knowledge, a variety of contacts, and enough experience to anticipate any setbacks or shortages We’re project managers on a grand scale.

Think of general contractors as party planners. Do you want to find a DJ, a caterer, a reputable bakery, and suppliers of tables all on your own? We don’t think so. There is just too much work to be done for someone whose full-time job isn’t being a contractor. Think of contractors as “big picture” thinkers. We do all the running around and worrying so you don’t have to!

Can General Contractors Build Homes?

You might be wondering which projects are best left to general contractors. Large-scale commercial construction projects? What about residential construction or renovation? Can a general contractor help you build your dream home? Maybe not every general contractor in the area is capable, but Bremco Of Northern California Inc sure can! Some contractors specialize in commercial construction and might not be willing to take on your residential construction job. It’s important to find a contractor with the skills to do the job you need. How Do I Hire a General Contractor?

This part is easy. Pick up your phone and call Bremco Of Northern California Inc. We’re Northern California’s experts in residential and commercial construction. We’ve helped dozens of businesses and homeowners with everything from simple renovations to complete warehouse makeovers. We have a trained team of experts willing to bring our network along or to work with people you’ve already established trust with.

Is our guide missing something? Do you still need more answers to all the burning questions about general contracting that keep you up late at night? Then give us a call—today! We begin working for you the second you pick up the phone and dial our number.